Friday, October 7, 2011

Rive Gauche Patisserie @ Takashimaya (Ngee Ann City)

Rive Gauche is located near the right entrance of Takashimaya Food Department, around the Beard Papa area, and at the same junction as Takopachi and Tori-Q.

They have a beautiful glass display of their cakes, which are all aesthetically pleasing and look extremely well-prepared.

I had the Strawberry Shortcake ($6) and the Omelette ($2.90), which isn't really an omelette but a banana cream crepe. I do believe they only do take-aways, because I don't recall seeing any seating area for this place.

This is the Strawberry Shortcake in the display, because I expected it to become mangled by the time I brought it home on public transport, and it did:

The cake comes on a silver cardboard, which is much better than Four Leaves' and probably on par with Flor's. It also came in a beautiful brown box with metallic gold print, and I really appreciate packaging.

Like Flor's, Rive Gauche's Strawberry Shortcake comes with their logo card stuck in the top of the cake.

Now, for a comparison with Flor and Four Leaves. Layer-wise, Rive Gauche's has three cake layers, one plain cream layer, and one strawberry+cream layer. This is different from both Flor and Four Leaves, which have 2cake:1strawberry+cream and 3cake:2strawberry+cream layers respectively. I feel that I still prefer Four Leaves' more alternated layer spread-out, but it still provided a more layered and textured feel than Flor's chunky (but yummy) portions.

The cream was far too milky for me, approaching that detestable canned-whipped-cream taste, and the cake wasn't quite sweet enough. Moreover, the strawberries were excessively, unbearably sour. Usually with strawberry shortcakes, I can afford to eat the strawberries separately if I feel like it. But Rive Gauche's strawberries actually made me cringe and go into shock because they were too sour. Also, the cream and cake combination could have been a little sweeter to offset the sourness when taken in one bite.
(Not very relevant to the taste, but the cake also has a very yellow tinge to it that looks a little odd in comparison to the creamy pastels of the other two.)

This is the wrapped "Omelette", which is just a banana cream crepe that looks like an omelette from the outside, which is probably where it got its name.

This is the unwrapped "Omelette" with a double-effect applied to it. The crepe itself is thicker than that of Japanese dessert crepes, and was about 3~5mm thick and more soft and fluffy than crispy and toasted. The crepe is perfectly cooked, with no burns whatsoever and a lovely, even yellow colour with slightly browned edges. I quite liked the crepe part because of the unexpected almost cake-like softness to the thin sheet. It was also moderately sweet and not overbearing at all.

This is the split "Omelette", revealing an overload of whipped cream, which as you all know, I hate. This cream didn't manage to reform me either. It was too moist and milky for my liking, and the ratio of cream was too high. I had to go through three mouthfuls of cream before I discovered any banana.

Here is the cross-section of the "Omelette" with a banana part in it. I have nothing much to say about the banana's quality because bananas generally taste the same when chucked together with other foods to make a dessert.

Overall, the "Omelette" wasn't bad per se, but wasn't particularly great or memorable either. I wouldn't buy it again, and I probably would not have bought it earlier if I had thought for a little while longer. I think as always, I was just attracted by its interesting appearance.

On the other hand, this is something I should have gotten. It's called the Sweet Bear, and is basically a "Silky chocolate mousse coated by chocolate glaze with a lovely face on the bear." Quoted directly from the description card. It is exclusive to the Takashimaya branch, and costs $5.80. I do believe it is a special dessert offered to celebrate Takashimaya's 18th Anniversary.

Here's an attempt at a more artistic version. I probably managed to resist this cuteness and opt for the comparatively boring "Omelette" instead only because of my complete lack of cash (and credit, for that matter). Perhaps I'll buy it as an edible gift for someone in the future, because I don't expect much from Rive Gauche in terms of taste after trying two of their menu items.

"Buffets 101" still lies in my post list as an empty draft. I do hope I will get down to writing it eventually, perhaps this weekend? Don't get your hopes up though (I'm not either), because I tend to procrastinate and forget on a minutely basis. Until then,
bon appetit!

FYI, Takashimaya is having an Autumn Hokkaido Fair in their food department. If you would like to know more about it, you can refer to my post on my other blog (click this). I didn't put it here because it's ending in two days' time on the 9th anyway. However, that blog is very different from this one, as its aim is not to review, so I won't really review food like I do here. Also, there is Japanese in that blog, which is basically a translation of the English content. Enjoy, but don't expect proper reviews.

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